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It’s time to get your roof ready for winter storms!

Lopez Ventura Inc. will be the first to advise you that getting your roof ready for cold weather is one of the most important steps to take in preparing your home for winter.

Many homeowners wait for a leak to develop before addressing overdue roof maintenance issues. This saves money in the short run, but can lead to expensive repairs including damage to the home’s interior and even toxic mold!

Re-Roofing Strategies

The final line of defense in your home’s ice-dam prevention system is called a Waterproof Shingle Underlayment (WSU). This is a special kind of self-sealing asphalt/polymer sheet placed on the roof before shingles are installed. Unlike standard roofing felt or tar paper, this membrane remains waterproof even when nails are hammered through it. Any time you have a new roof put on, ask for this material to be installed at the gutter edge of the roof and along the valleys where two surfaces of the roof meet. Should an ice dam occur in one of these areas, the WSU should prevent the water from getting into the home.


Professional installers have long preferred the rugged, dependable performance that only a timberline roof can offer. That’s why timberline shingles with advanced protection technology are the #1-selling shingles in all of north america. But performance is only half the story. Since your roof can represent 40% or more of your home’s curb appeal, you can improve its resale value with timberline natural shadow shingles from gaf. They’ll give you the upscale, architectural look you want, at a price you can afford.

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Repair Tips & Home Improvement Ideas

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Home Repair Tips & Improvement Ideas for 2018

Simplify your decision on which Home Repairs  will add the most value. Discover minor home repairs that increase efficiency, as well as tips and home improvement ideas that help you decide whether you’ll tackle these minor and major home repairs yourself, or find some handyman help.

Go Green

Many major and minor home repairs can increase your home’s efficiency. Preventing air filtration by properly caulking around windows or installing storm doors are just a few of the project ideas that can help you Go Green. Explore other green home repair and improvement ideas today!

Repair tips

Get how-to help on minor home repairs from home improvement specialists. Understanding what small jobs can help prevent major home repairs down the road can save you money in long run. Discover many helpful home repair tips

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Our Fall 2018 tips to prep your home for winter

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Fall is not all about raking the leaves. While you’re in your yard, you need to prepare the shrubs, flowers, and grass for winter.

The first tip is to pick up all the leaves. If you let them sit through the winter, they’ll decompose and get into the root system of your grass.
The end result will be grass that doesn’t grow.
If you want to seed the yard, it’s alright to over-seed but make sure it’s all down by October 15th.


You need to make sure the fall leaves and spring seeds are removed from your gutter.
All this material clogs them, and doesn’t allow water to flow.

While it’s still warm, make sure your gutters are working properly.

“They need to be inspecting their gutter system. Most older gutters have spike and ferrets which are those big long nails. A lot of time the gutters are loose they pulled away from the house the spikes have come out.